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Alternator Test


Here at Edge's Electrical we have the capacity to test your alternator, checking as to whether it is generating a current/charging correctly, checking the output for amps and voltage, performing a discharge test & checking computer terminals under load and control, helping you get to find out if your alternator is faulty. 

Simply post your Alternator to us or drop it in with us and we will be able to test it on our  Alternator & Starter Motor test machine. 

If your Alternator is found to be faulty we can contact you to advise on costs for a replacement or repairs to your alternator and ship the item back out to you.

Shipping is for the return postage, for testing please send your alternator & include a copy of your order details to:

Edge's Electrical, Ashton Lane, Ashton, Chester, CH3 8AA


We offer great prices on OE and aftermarket alternators ready to ship next day, from the likes of Bosch, Butec, CAV, Chrysler, Delphi, Denso, Ducellier, Elmot, Femsa, Ford, Halla, Hitachi, Iskra, Lada, Leece-Neville, Lucas, Magneti Marelli, Magneton (Pal/Skoda), Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nikko, Paccar, Poong Sung, Prestolite, Remy (Delco), Sawafuji, SEV, United Technologies, Valeo, Visteon