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Your Guide To Inverters

Your Guide To Inverters

At Edge's Electrical, we offer a wide range of high-quality Inverters to suit your every requirement, so let us help you figure out which inverter is best for you.

What is a Voltage Inverter?

A voltage inverter is a device that converts DC Battery power to Mains Voltage. This enables anyone to power electrical devices remotely. Voltage inverters are commonly used in both the commercial and the leisure markets. For example, they are ideal for commercial vehicles where tools are used, but can also be used in a camper van as an off-the-grid power supply.


What can it be used for?

Our extensive range of inverters come in a different wattage capacity so there is always one that will suit your application. 

Modified or Sine Wave?

 are the more economical option. The power signal is not as refined but it is effective for simpler loads, such as lighting and motors. Although the efficiency or power can be reduced, modified wave inverters are a popular choice as they will work with most equipment.

 – lights, fans, simple motor mechanisms

 are suitable for all applications, because of the smooth waveform; it provides clean power with low harmonic distortion, less or no static or humming noise, and will also produce less heat, which makes sine wave inverters perfect for laptops and other sensitive electronic devices.

 – laptops, computers, TVs, coffee machines


Range of Power Inverters

Compact Power Inverters

+ Range from 600W -3000W
+ Smart charging compatible (11-15.5V)
+ Compact with fast charging USB

View our full range online> 

Heavy-Duty Power Inverters

+ Range from 125W to 3000W output
+ Highest quality industrial components

+ 110V or 230V power output

View our full range of inverters online> 


Why choose our inverters?

  • Wide range of Sine and Modified Wave Inverters for the commercial and leisure industrie
  • Highest quality industrial components
  • High peak capability for start-up demands
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Smart charging compatible
Quality Matters

Although simple on the outside, our inverters contain complex electronics able to cope with power surges and drops to regulate the power output.

  • Protected against overload, over temperature, low battery & short circuits.
  • Covers 12/24V applications, 110V or 230V power output.
  • You can rely on them for years to come.


Still need some help deciding which inverter you want? Or require a fully fitted price? Call us on 01829 732295!

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